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De Bijenkorf (literally, "the beehive") is a chain of high-end department stores in the Netherlands, with its flagship store on Dam Square in Amsterdam. The chain is owned by the Weston family, which also owns Britain's Selfridges, Canada's Holt Renfrew and Ireland's Brown Thomas.

Y1571QCdavid from North Sydney, Australia shared his experience at De Bijenkorf in a review he wrote for TRIP ADVISOR: "This is a long story. I will try and keep it short. In May '18 I purchased a Rado watch from the de Bijenkorf department store in Amsterdam and claimed a duty credit the same day on the 4th floor of the store. Unbeknown to me Global Blue reversed my duty credit a day later. I only found about this mid June. For months I pursued GB to find out why. It appears they lost the paperwork I submitted on the day I left Europe but they never admitted this. I escalated my complaint to a higher level in GB but other than platitudes about pursuing the DB for my purchase invoice I got no response. I then contact DB myself to chase up the invoice. I have now been waiting for over one month but other than vague promises from DB customs relations department to chase up my invoice there has been no response. How can it be so hard for the de Bijenkorf department store to contact their accounts department for a copy of my purchase invoice! I hate to appear Machiavellian but why did GB reverse my duty credit a day later before I left Europe and why will the de Bijenkorf not follow up my simple request for a copy of my purchase invoice?? Does any one have a similar story?"


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Current Employee - Account Administrator says

"overtime, meetings, projects and no work life balance"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This is the worst company I have ever worked for. I do NOT advise anybody to work for this company. The pay is really bad. I mean REALLY bad. Furthermore, the balance between work and private is the worst ever. With a 30 hrs contract one week you are scheduled for 3 days, next week it is 6 days a week. And the hours are terrible. Untill past 21 or starting at 7 in the morning. And the maangament is the worst ever. They have double standards (wearing fake designer items themselves on a designer department, while telling employees that fakes are not allowed, to having no knowlegde about high fashion to being totally absent on the workfloor to putting employees up to each other and even blocking possibilities for growth for employees. In one word: DO NOT WORK HERE!"

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"Top down culture Poor communication No transparency Bad office environment No pay rises No internal promotions"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Nationalist mentality at top level, lack of diversity, poor HR management, anti-international approach to growth"

Floor Manager says

"Bad communication, They schedule you on short notice"

Former Employee - Manager Sales says

"Not enough budget to give proper service to customers"

Former Employee - Backend Developer says

"- below industry standard pay, with NO negotiations - fast fashion industry, damaging to the environment - large structure, difficult to get a grip on what's going on - effectively no training/conferences budget - some teams have no freedom, they just have to do what they're told - many legacy problems, complicated systems, hacks - travel compensation is tiny - HR is really bad at communication"

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"long hours in the weekend"

Former Employee - Sales says

"employees can be arrogant because they work for 'nicer' brands"

Former Employee - Part-time Sales Advisor says

"When I started to work there I had a really short course for the cashier training however I felt that it would have been better if they had better training."

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